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Year 2015 included three regular issues of interdisciplinary nature. Since 2001 all paper subject categories cover the dual nature of archaeology and cultural heritage with physical sciences and include, amongst others, archaeology, ancient history, cultural sustainability, scientific methods and techniques in cultural heritage, physical sciences applied to dating and analysis of archaeological objects (physics, geophysics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, mathematics, biology), astronomy in culture, physical anthropological issues, digital heritage, new archaeological finds reports, historical archaeology, architectural archaeology, ethnoarchaeological prospectives, science in culture, critical reviews, from palaeolithic to medieval/Byzantine eras, all pertinent to Mediterranean region including adjacent areas with due interaction and/or parallel comparison to ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Following faithfully our policy they are uploaded as full text and offered free online. MAA is issued three times per year (April, August, December) and two more special issues are under way concerning: a) SEAC Conference on archaeoastronomy selected papers; b) Virtual Archaeology Museums & Cultural Heritage Conference (VAMCT) selected papers.

It is published in printed and electronic versions and DOI is attributed to each article. MAA is indexed by most important databases agents: Thomson Reuters (Arts & Humanities Citation Index), Scopus (Elsevier), Google Scholar, NASA/ADS, Ulrichsweb and others.

Prof. Ioannis Liritzis

Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry (MAA) is converted to full online journal with free access to whole texts as pdf files. The printed version (2001-2015) is kept only if authors ask for back issues or if individuals or libraries require printed volumes.

As from 2015 frequency is increased to 3 times per year - April, August, December. The Journal will keep the rapid reviewing procedure following the standard double blind review and ensures swift publication of high quality papers in innovation or important applications and excavation reports related to the Mediterranean region.

MAA is an interdisciplinary International Journal issued by The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece. MAA is published since 2001 and from 2008 is operating in updated format.

The international journal MAA "Encourage international discussion on the coupling between archaeology and archaeometry in their broader sense, initiating forums of discussion on the establishment of widely accepted criteria of correct approach and solution of particularly current and future archaeological problems."

It focuses in the Mediterranean region and on matters referred to interactions of Mediterranean with neighboring areas, but presents an international forum of research, innovations, discoveries, applications and meetings, concerning the modern approaches to the study of human past.

The Editors will welcome contributions from all parts of the World focused on the Mediterranean region and interactions with neighboring regions.

ISSN (Print): 1108-9628
ISSN (Online): 2241-8121

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